Friday, May 14, 2010

Casey's Homecoming

My feet hit the floor at 3:30 Friday morning & by 4:45 I was on one of the 3 buses bound for
The-Big-D to welcome Millsap alum Casey James to the Fox 4 News station. MISD allowed me to tag along with them Friday & document this exciting event for the kids. Teacher Mrs. Aaron told me that she didn't know how strict Fox would be about having a photographer present. To my surprise they allowed me to cover every angle & get anywhere I needed to. Thanks to Mrs. Aaron for letting me cover it for you guys. I couldn't possibly get photos of everyone there, but I covered as much as I could. It really was cool to be able to document this for the you all.

I decided the best way to share them with the students (& everyone) was to create a page on FaceBook. The Casey James Homecoming FB page is where you will find all of the images I've taken plus some from Lisa Hester as well. Tons of Millsap & random fans are there including many good shots of Casey at Fox 4 in Dallas. It's very seldom that I get to take photos for fun...& this was fun.... Even though I earn my living using my camera I wanted to cover these events to share them with everyone, you're welcome to use any of the images anywhere, a photo credit is all I ask ( Other than that, they are yours! I have enjoyed covering this crazy experience for the community (& me too). I have a new respect for photo journalist who race around to get that next best shot.

At first many of us were a little disappointed that Idol would have him out in DFW all day instead of visiting Millsap/Cool. After seeing the media & fan frenzy I realized this was the best thing to do. All of the exposure on TV & with the fans will help him get votes this week. Tons of people showed up at all his events yesterday.

Millsap will welcome Casey back this morning for an appearance at Bulldog Stadium.

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  1. Jake you always capture and say just the right things. I was with y'all in spirit believe me in that. I had some friends from another Idol's fan site (Taylor Hicks) who are also Casey fans who attended the AT&T store appearance. They had a great time. We have 2 threads on that site jam packed with Casey news as well as many mentions of your blog. I've enjoyed it. Seeing the real Casey James and how he portrays himself reinforced my commitment and drive to follow along on this wild ride forever.

    I joined a fan site for Casey, Casey's Crew and we all went in and bought him a guitar strap - yesterday while my friend was at the AT&T store - she asked Casey to say hello and told him I had helped with the guitar strap. His "Hello Jeanne, thank you so much!" was such a surprise and a real treat.

    You captured wonderful memories for Casey and his family in these pictures as well as all these proud Texans. You've done a wonderful job with the blog - I'll be interested in reading it for a long, long time.


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