Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 5 Watch Party

Tuesday night Millsap High opened it's doors to host a big Casey James watch party. The enormous banner that hangs over the main entrance shows just how proud they are of the schools most famous alum.

When we walked into the school I immediately noticed that every wall was covered with photos & Casey slogans. We helped out by setting up a table to sell the shirts made by Casey's cousin Sara. Sara also agreed to donate $5 for every shirt sold to the sophomore class fund.

TV crews didn't make it out to the party as originally thought. I bet the guys over at 'ZERO Vitamin Water' were more disappointed in that fact. They drove out from Dallas to hand out their product. I imagine they were hoping to get a little mention on the news...so I will.
Thanks y'all for coming to Sap City!

MHS principal Darla Henry welcomes Casey's brother Billy (B.C.) to their campus.

The cafeteria was full of Casey fans with their eyes glued to the huge projection screen.


Once the watch partiers realized brother was there some asked for photos.

And then for autographs....

Getting ready to post this weeks numbers to call/text

This was cool......Casey has fans of all ages. Doris McKienzie Childress graduated from Millsap in 1942 & was the valedictorian of her class. Doris & her daughter both drove in from Ft.Worth/Dallas to attend the watch party. She told me that Doris knows good music when she hears it & that Casey stood out to her from the beginning. B.C. introduced himself to the dedicated fans & thanked them for driving so far out just to show their support.

It got kinda nuts when he was getting the star treatment himself by the eager teens.

If brother is getting this, you can only imagine the hard time Casey will have just trying to go get bread at the store. Hope he's prepared...

The party went really good despite the judges negative remarks about Casey's performance. We can just hope the fans voted their fingers off. I'm sure it was hard for B.C. to hear such harsh critiques from the judges, but he put his game face on & kept signing & posing for photos with the excited fans. That is something they will never forget.


  1. What a fantastic recap & blog - living in the first state - I can only imagine the excitement in the room last night. We love Casey and he has been treated unfairly by this judging panel for weeks - He never waivers or talks back. Casey James is a true American Idol. He was raised with respect, love, and honesty. That has become apparent to many of his fans. His voice is his vehicle as is his guitar playing and song writing skills. He'll outshine the rest with his honesty and character alone. The panel and the Idol team could learn a lot about respect, honesty and integrity from Casey.

    I've voted hard and fast since top 12. He'll be my American Idol long after that show is over and done. Team Casey James.

    Billy, its been a pleasure supporting Casey. He has a wonderful brother in you. Thanks for being upfront and honest with his fans. Debra I love a beautiful red head - you have done a fine job with both your boys. Jeanne in Delaware.

  2. I’ve listened back to Casey’s song a couple of times and I am SOOO disgusted with the judges comments tonight. We get it that Casey was not in his comfort zone, he wasn’t even in the same zip code as his comfort zone, but give him some credit for putting himself out there a giving it all he had. He did move around the stage and he did get into the song, and except for the very first note, he sounded amazing! Aaron gets kudos for “trying” and Casey gets a kick in the gut?!?! What the heck?!!
    I’m beginning to believe Casey will be better off as far as his music goes, the sooner he gets off this show. Mainly, because he started American Idol with a lot of inner confidence and they are doing all they can to suck it all out of him. I felt so bad for him to have to stand there and take what the judges said tonight. Geez, how bout something constructive, so he'd have something to work with?!

    Thankfully, Casey's Moma was there…..I know she must’ve given him the biggest hug after the show.
    Casey, your fans support you and we are the ones that are gonna buy your music and go see your shows!

    I did get in a little over 1800 votes!!

  3. I am so glad so many people turned out. Casey is an amazing musician with an amazing support team! Casey will rise above AMERICAN IDOL, and take his brother with him! I forsee a fabulous career in the VERY NEAR FUTURE for the 2 of them! They will make an unstoppable duo!!!

  4. I too am so excited so many turned out for the Watch Party! I would have went but I was afraid I wouldn't get enough votes in, if I did! As it turned out we got in about 3400, give or take a few. I too felt so bad for Casey, and just wanted to hug him! They were worse than they've ever been on him or anybody! They never run down the other contestants like they do him...I don't understand!! And like Carmen said, they "kicked him in the gut"...no critique, no kudos for 'trying'...nothing but disgusting slams...and they even went so low as to 'make fun of him'!!! The judges were so unprofessional it was rediculous!! I truly believe Casey and Billy both, will have a fantastic career once Casey gets out from under Idol's thumb!! I won't be watching this show any more, because I'm going to be too busy going to Casey Concerts!! And, because the whole show itself, from producers all the way down to the judges have been nothing but UNFAIR to him this whole season!! Thats the other reason I won't ever watch again....American Idol is history....

  5. Hey Jake! Awesome watch party report and pictures! I posted a link with the first pic on my site. I hope you don't mind. :)

  6. Great, anytime. Hey I noticed you spared us the reviews this week.

  7. LOL,yes I did! Actually, I got a new book last night and found it far more interesting than anything the media had to say. Most of them just parrot the judges' comments anyway. But hey...we did it! Casey is in the top 4. How awesome is that!

  8. Do you think Idol would have at least thought far enough ahead to call the School about the possibility of a homecoming? If-by-chance he does make it into the top 3, don't you think they would check the school activities schedule. That would be in just 2 weeks right? MHS principal hasn't been contacted. Yet. I asked.

  9. Oh, you're freakin' kidding me? Idol hasn't contacted MHS yet? That's ridiculous! It would be next Friday, I believe. They'd better get on it!

  10. Hi Jake! Mom and I were so honored to be part of your Watch Party Blog and photos! This is the first opportunity I've had to thank you for your kindness. Mom and I are thrilled to be supporting Casey. And we found it heartwarming and humbling to be included in such an all-American evening repleat with homemade pies and cakes, exclusive Casey t-shirts and even those wonderful Casey-styled goldi-lock wigs - with all proceeds going to support Casey's cause and MSH. Absolutely marvelous! The enthusiasm is infectious and the warmth and love sent his way must be felt all the way to Los Angeles right now. These Millsap folks (and Texans in general) are always big hearted - and we should know, our family roots go back nearly 150 years in the Millsap-Garner community. We proudly support our hometown heartthrob. Casey's talent, impeccable politeness and genuine Texas roots will serve him well not only on the way to the Finals, but also in the great adventure that lies ahead for him and his family. By the way, the last comment I made to B.C. on Tuesday was to remember who to thank when Casey would make the Top 4! No, I'm not taking full credit for all those millions of votes, but my Mom must have made 300 calls by the time we drove home to Dallas by 10:00. Yes, he can thank her!
    We'll see you all again soon! Many thanks for your outstanding work as we all cheer Casey on in the home stretch!
    Sherry Childress-Heard and Doris McKenzie Childress (MSH '42)


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