Monday, May 3, 2010

Millsap To Host Watch Party

Casey's brother will be attending the watch party as well as Fox 4 News!

Millsap High will host a huge watch party Tuesday night for Casey James. It's now down to the top 5 contestants this week & local Casey supporters don't want a repeat close call again. There will be no outside food or drinks allowed inside but there will be plenty for sale. The doors will open at 6:00 & the large projector screens will be ready for the 7:00 showtime.

Also don't forget to bring $15 to purchase a Casey shirt. The best part is that for every shirt sold, Sara (Casey's cousin) will donate $5 to next years Jr. class for their prom fund. Not only will you get an original family sold souvenir but you'll also be helping to raise money too.

This weeks theme is Sinatra which could be good for him. I've read some blogs that say no instruments will be allowed for this weeks performances. This is not certain but would be interesting to see Casey without a guitar & could be just what he needs to shake things up.

Fox News has been good about covering everything Casey so there's a chance they may be out to tape some footage at the watch party Tuesday night. So even if you aren't from Millsap & live close, please come on out because you just might get your 15 seconds of fame! Even if the TV crews aren't there, we will post photos from the event on the blog for everyone to see. This could be the biggest pep-rally the school has seen as we all come together to show our support for Millsap's Idol.

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