Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Edits #35

Continuing with my "The Edits" series... Here were a few of my favorite images from this past weekends Casey James homecoming. I've been so busy trying to catch up on real work but I was able to get just a few images edited with effects etc.

Added contrast to to enhance detail & added a little glow.

Added vintage edge overlay & a little sepia tone.


Cleaned up distractions that took away from the subject.

Added aged overlay with contrast.

Added contrast to enhance the color in overall image. Also added wispy white border.

Toned down crowd & left Casey mostly color to put more focus on him.

Added an aged overlay tone.

I liked the boot shot but it had the chair wheel in the background.

Removed the wheel & blurred.

The next 3 images are just different color/contrast variations.


  1. i like all the pictures. the enhancements turn them into a real creative work of art.

  2. Well Thanks! I wish I had time to do the edits on them before I presented them to everyone. There were so many to post & everyone was anxious to see the coverage I posted them ASAP. Here & there I will be putting the finishing touches on the photos I took Saturday. Almost everything I have on the "Casey James Homecoming" FB page is in raw form. Glad you liked them

  3. I appreciate your work Jake. Thank you for getting the pictures out to those of us not lucky enough to travel - My top 2 the boot and the guitar - My absolute favorite picture of Casey is one you took. As always, thank you so much.

  4. Jake,
    I just love your creativity! The boot is my very favorite, but they are all great!

  5. These are really great! Are they for sale? Quite fancy having some Casey art in my wee house!


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