Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

What would we do without our Mom's? We sometimes forget everything they do/have done for us & take the littlest things for granted. Go see your mom today & if you can't then make a long phone call to tell her you appreciate her.

These guys are funny:

This next video is funny & reminds me of a trick my friend Brady & I used to do. I was the fat kid!

If you watched this video, you saw how the boys tied a string to the vase. When I was young, we would tie fishing line to a purse & put it in the road. We would hide in the bushes & wait for someone to stop to pick it up. Just as they would reach out to claim their treasure we would "go fishin"! It would quickly disappear into the grass until the confused motorist drove off. One man knew what we were going to do & quickly drove off with the purse. He shortly turned around to give the tissue stuffed purse back to us giggling kids. The good ole days!

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