Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Rock

For those of you who grew up in Parker County, you have seen the huge rock that sits close to Hwy 180. This rock is basically a huge canvas for anyone to paint welcome home, birthday wishes etc. The biggest news around these parts lately is how Parker County boy Casey James is making his mark in Hollywood on American Idol. A couple of local Casey supporters decided that it was time paint the rock for Casey. Lots of thought & days of planning went into this task. Patti & Trish were on a mission & started late Thursday night by first painting the background red. Then Friday evening finished up by painting the detailed guitar & letters "Casey James Rocks" I caught wind of the "graffiti hoodlums" hard at work, so I stopped by to snap a few of them in action. It's cool the support our surrounding towns are showing for this small town guy.

The bad news was that by 10:00 last night someone had already covered Pattie & Trish's creation with a birthday greeting. A birthday wish for someone on May 22nd. May 22nd! Really, they couldn't have left the rock alone for at least another week! The girls are already planning to redo it sometime soon. Good luck.

Pattie's mobile phone photo of the finished product.

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