Thursday, May 13, 2010

Y'ALL Get Ready!

Photo courtesy of Jeanne Hopkins
It's been confirmed that Casey will be presented with the key to the City of Cool on Saturday morning at 10:00 at the community center. There will be no parade as originally reported. Be sure to be at Bulldog Stadium to hear Casey sing a couple of songs & say his thanks. The stadium will open at 9:00.

All of us past & present Millsap residents were on the edge of our seats last night waiting to hear what 3 contestants would take the top spots on AI. It's typical for Idol to drag out the results show by asking every major artist to perform, before they get to the good stuff. At just about the mid point Ryan announced that Casey earned his spot in the top 3 which means he's coming home! Not coming home to rest though... The show will have Casey busy making promotional stops all over north Texas to thank everyone & also to earn more votes for the following weeks. I'm sure that it will hit him big how things have changed once he gets in Texas. About 3 months ago Casey boarded a plane & headed to LA to show America why he should be in the top 24 on the hit talent show. He'll once again land in his home state this Friday but this time to find everyone looking & pointing "is that Casey James"? I certainly hope that besides dragging those kids to every red carpet event, that Idol has been trying to also prepare them how to deal with media, fans, fame etc. Here is the Friday schedule as posted on American

7a-8a - FOX 4 Morning Show

8:30-8:45a - Kidd Kraddick Show/KISS FM

1:30-2p - Keys Lounge

4-5p - Parade & performance in the Fort Worth Stockyards

9:45-10p - Wildflower Festival - Richardson

Over the past week there have been rumors flying around about the possibility of Casey coming to Millsap High for his visits. We're hearing that a parade in Millsap & Cool will be Saturday from 10-11. No other details have been announced at this time. I will let you know when I find out. There is rain in the forecast this weekend...hope it doesn't rain on our parade!

I'm sure that all those other stops he'll make on Friday will not compare to seeing hometown folk line the narrow streets of FM 113.

Since the beginning I'v been doing a weekly Casey blog for the the locals & anyone who has been following the show. It's been very interesting to see how one of our own average Joe's has been given such an opportunity like this....& to make it this far. If you've followed, I've said from the start that Casey & Crystal will be in the finals. Lets make that happen. I've also made many references of how this reality show seems very "non reality" but I'll save that rant for another time. For now it's time to make sure my cameras are charged & see where I need to be Friday.

Congratulations to Casey & his family!

At about this point in the competition is when the contestants start claiming the top spots in the iTunes charts. Everyone log on & purchase all of Casey's studio recordings from this years show. Let's show everyone how the blues rock sound is cool!


  1. Thank you Jake for ur time, and for keeping us informed. I'm tickled he is going to be coming home but as u said he will be busy! I hope the rain holds off for his outside appearances. Thank Y'ALL for voting for our hometown boy!
    By the way keep Y'ALL'S votes coming!!!!
    BDoss - Millsap, TX

  2. Love the blog. Millsap and Cool love Casey!! We know he is from the country...and we like it that way!!! It has been neat to follow your blogs. Lets go Casey!

  3. Jake you are doing an awesome job. Thank you so much for keeping all of us informed. Casey is making Parker County Proud.
    Loree Ellis

  4. Thanks for the update. I am working out the details this morning to fly from Spring Hill, Fl to Ft. Worth for the home coming! Let's hope this all pans out because I really want to be there!

  5. this is an awesome blog. if everything is big in texas, everyone pull out those BIG UMBRELLAS this weekend and have a good time anyway! the whole country is covered with a wet gray blanket. KEEP THAT SUN SHINING IN YOUR HEARTS FOR CASEY and all will be well. american idol needed something new. both casey and crystal have brought that this year. i vote for casey all the way. my daughter votes for crystal. god bless casey james.AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR POSTING THIS BLOG.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, & Mickey...that's dedication! You all are just why he's made it this far. Keep up the votes!

  7. Thanks for the constant updates! Have fun being a paparazzi!! Make sure you have wonderful pictures to show us all, especially here in the UK!!

  8. Glad you will be taking photos!! Can't wait and thanx for the great blog.

  9. The picture of Casey, Billy and his family says it all. Wonderful picture and that is the love we here in Dallas, or Texas feel for Casey. He is a beautiful human being and stayed who he is through all. We all feel the judges were so ugly with Casey that the madder I got the longer I was going to vote to get Casey to prove them wrong. The judges should wake up and smell the coffee----we turned them off and I did not care what they said. They might as well not been there and I feel other people thought the same.

  10. Jake, this has been a great blog. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Eventhough I'm not a local, I am from Texas and am so proud to support Casey. Congratulations to all the Cool, Parker County, and Millsap HS residents and alumni. I know it must be incredible to have something like this happen in such a small rural area. We will definitely be checking back over the weekend for updates. Please tell Casey he has our love and support from all over, not just the DFW area.

    PS. I too have been concerned about the affects all the media and fans will have on him and I do hope the AI people are preparing them for the craziness. From interviews and AI videos I've seen of him, Casey seems to have a pretty good foundation and perspective on all this, so I'm sure he will adjust just fine.

  11. Thanks for the updates Jake I'll pass it along!

  12. Jake your an amazing spirit. I have enjoyed your blog filled with excitement since I first found it on BC's page - I know of a fan from another Idol winners fan page who will be at the AT&T store - I'm so happy for her. I'm so happy for Casey and his amazing family. I'm happy for the small town of Cool. And I'm grateful to God for bringing Casey into this world. We truly need more people like him and his supportive family. I feel blessed to "know of you all virtually" I'm thrilled you'll be covering this event. Thank you for a wonderful blog. Team Casey James Top 3 Home town hero welcome - COMPLETE.

  13. Jake...thanks so much for your wonderful blog! It's so refreshing to see a kindhearted, gracious man have the opportunity to achieve his dreams. And Casey needs to be in the top 2, so we're all going to have to vote like no tomorrow! Wish I could be there to welcome our boy home...I'll just have to send my best wishes through you! Texas, please don't stop voting...we need Casey to prove all the naysayers wrong! A blues/rocker CAN make it to the top 2!

  14. Just another mention here from me in regards to ITunes. Jake is right on the money. Hit it hard y'all. Numbers mean everything right now - trust me on that. I've purchased everything he has done - studio - performance videos since they started - he is even more amazing than one can imagine. Jake, again. you rule.

  15. Thank you so much for the updates you have been posting. I'm not from the area, or even the state, but love and support Casey. And I love hearing from people who appreaciate his music. He's so talented. I love his voice and his abilities as a musician are stellar. Those qualities and his personality amd attitude really sold me on Casey. I've been buying his iTunes and can verify they are well worth picking up. Wish I could be there for the homecoming but I am sure his hometown crowd will show up for him in a big way.


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