Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pushin' For Top 3

Millsap High hosted their 2nd watch party to show support for their own Casey James. There was a much bigger crowd this time as all the students are excited about a possible hometown parade if James makes the top 3. We'll see what happens tonight.

These group photos were taken after the show, but many had left before I could get them together for the group shot. Notice the huge sign made with students signatures.

Trish hit the Fire Oak Grill watch party in Weatherford to sell t-shirts. The grill has been hosting parties for many weeks & hopes this won't be the last.

The Kidd Kraddik show seems to all be pushin for Casey too. Personality Kelli Raspberry has been Team Casey all along & if he makes top 3, James & Idol crews will stop by their morning show Friday. Casey not being a fan of top 40 music, I wonder if he's even heard of this nationally syndicated radio show.


  1. Casey not being a fan of top 40 music, I wonder if he's even heard of this nationally syndicated radio show. <~~ Music to my ears =) Another great blog entry from you Jake. Thanks so much. It warms my heart to see such hometown spirit for Casey. I had neighbors helping me vote - who had been Aaron fans and even my son who has never voted did so last night via text votes. I want this hometown visit for Casey he really deserves it. Thanks again expert or no your blogs are heartfelt and honest. I thank you.

  2. We are getting a bit concerned. Seems like something is up, why would the City & MISD not have any answers about the possibilities of a visit. The principal is wanting to know...what about security, electrical, stage, sound system, float? Usually things of this nature need weeks of planning so it runs smoothly. We know he hasn't been declared into the top 3, but it seems like Idol would have covered all basis in-the-event he makes it. Like possibly a list of needs by the city. My opinion is that they are planning on something in Fort Worth, since he actually lives there. Just my opinion. That decision would devastate those kids if Idol doesn't let him come home! The show has proved to be shady & I wouldn't put it past them to bypass Millsap. It doesn't make any sense for the school nor the City to not have a definite answer...

  3. I just had to revisit this push for top 3 again. I'm not sure why I'm so teary eyed today - but this one was a reminder we did it. Thank God we got him home.


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