Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Blog Turns Two

It's hard to believe that exactly 2 years ago today we started our photo blog.  I knew that I didn't want it to be just a normal photography picture posting blog.  I thought it would be interesting to also feature non photo related stuff too. If I come across a funny video, an outrageous photo, or strange facts I want to share it with our readers.  This blog is as random as it gets, kinda like me I guess. What better way to get to know your photographer than to see their more personal side. I'm not a writer by any stretch & I don't really share feelings as some regular bloggers do. I know there are probably others just like me who want to see a variety of photos, tips of the trade, laugh out loud pics, videos, music, local happenings & everything else in between. During our peak months I don't find time to post as regularly as our slow months but I will always notify of our updates via our FaceBook pages Here and Here.....ugh yes we have two!

That same week I also joined the world of FaceBook. I started a personal page like everyone else & then really started to understand this new found social network. After spending a little time in FB I realized that it could be a great way to expand knowledge of our business.  I then created a FB page for my photography work & then I could stay in contact with my past, present & hopefully future photo clients. I really jumped the gun  because I didn't take the proper steps in making a business page. I started it as a personal page not a "business".   I realized this error about a year & 1000 "friends" later.  
What's the difference?
A Personal page will allow you to request friends. They will then choose to add you. 
A Business page will not allow you to request friends. Other must find your page & "Like" it in order for you to be able to communicate with them.  I also wouldn't be able to tag any clients favorites from  my business page (I don't think).
So there are perks to having my original FB page with all my clients/friends/family on it. I can request friendship & even tag photos of my clients. So feel free to friend my original FB page under my name Jake Felts  & also "LIKE" my official business FB page under Felts Photography.  Confused yet? Geez...

A friend & regular reader of our blog gave me a pretty funny name. Phoblogapher....pretty clever, Thanks Diane!

So, a big Thank You to all the regulars who stop by to see what new & random things I post through the week. Also, a big howdy to the new folks who may stumble onto our blog.  Check back often!

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  1. Congrats! Hope this doesn't mean your entering the terrible twos!! :)


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