Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo Tip #18

Uncle John & his fancy camera.
Back Off Jack-

This is a tip for those advanced amateurs wishing to get into the photography biz.  For those folks who are great with the camera but still not confident to take on a full session alone. Your family & friends may know you're a photo guru & have some awesome equipment so they call on you. They call on you to candidly & ever so quietly creep behind the professional.  They maybe told you it would be a good chance to experience & learn how the real photographer poses, works with the kiddos & adjusts the lighting. You know all those detailed tasks that the pro has spent years understanding & perfecting. So while he's completed everything & the conditions are just right you & your expensive SLR camera can then (over his shoulder or to the side) take your own photos.  Are you sensing some sarcasm here?  lol  This is one of my biggest pet peeves ever.  This is just so wrong in so many ways, but honestly I have been there. In the beginning I did this same thing & regret it badly.  You may not even think much about it at the time. Innocent enough it seems right?  The sad reality is that I've found some people are totally fine with mediocre results from an amateur just to save a few dollars.  I have never implemented a (no other camera policy) as most other wedding photographers do in their contract. After many instances in the past I will now stress my concern to potential wedding clients so they know my stance on this. At a wedding, I do not in any way expect there to be no photos taken by family or friends by their point & shoot cameras. There is a slight problem when I see camera bags full of SLRs, zoom lenses, flash diffusers, etc.  This happens mostly at weddings but occasionally I will get this at a regular session which is very inappropriate. I try very hard to be a happy go lucky guy who avoids any confrontation but this is a time where I will nicely have to let the competing tag-along know that it isn't welcome. What is a good way to approach this situation without being too rude?  I'm still trying to master this, but passive aggressiveness seems to work thus far. A light hearted mention with a smile usually does the trick.  
I once said... "how would my dentist feel if I brought in my personal hygienist in to my dentist appointment to help assist.  Or if I brought my own saxophone to a wedding reception & joined in while the band played." Ok maybe a bit far fetched, but it's something to think about.

I usually keep my blogs up-beat without too much preaching but I thought this would be a perfect tip to those who think about doing it. My tip...dont! LOL    Have a great day all...

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