Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photo tip #4

Candid VS. Posed
Talk To Your Clients First-

This tip is more on the business end of photography. Before starting a session it's always best to spend  few minutes discussing what your clients expect.  Every client is different as well as their expectations. Some are very laid back, nervous, skeptical, you name it. Putting all the expectations out on the table is definitely the best way to create an overall great photo session. Here are a few questions you may want to ask:

  • Are you needing various pose combinations?  While many parents have their children's portrait often, it may be very seldom they can get the whole family in for a session. I like know so I can focus on capturing more family pose than any other.
  • How many outfits are you using today? In photographing small children I always recommend only using ONE of their favorite outfits. Simply because most little ones don't like the change.  A child may be finally getting warmed up to me & interrupting the session to change can sometimes get us out of our mojo. If they do want to change, I let them know to wear the best outfit first!
  • Are you more partial to the candid or posed angles?  I try my best to incorporate both styles in my session, but knowing the parents preference is useful.
This is just an example of a few questions you may need to ask the client.  Once they realize you are trying to get a better feel, they usually will offer up any concerns to watch for. I've seen it all..."This is my better side, Can you remove my zits, Please put me in the back,".  And my all-time favorite... "Don't make my arms look fat"!  What I say is "oh ok" (laughs) but what I want to say is "was it me that made your arms fat, or was it those twinkies"?  haha I kid, I kid.

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