Thursday, March 3, 2011

Photo Tip #5

3 Legged Friend or Foe-

I once overheard someone say, "He must be a real photographer because he's using a tripod." Well, whether or not you use a tripod has nothing to do with you being a true photographer. For certain types of shots though, these three-legged supports can be very useful.  Whether you use a tripod or not, there's not question they are a pain  to manage. 

  • When shooting in very low light conditions with a slow shutter speed, you will definitely need to use a tripod. This will reduce the chance of blurs. Especially in photographing city lights, fireworks etc. A tripods is a must.
  • Normally when I'm in a session I will bring my tripod. Mostly I will use it as a resting place for my camera while I pose the clients. Everyone's is different but I guess I would say "friend" for the most part!

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